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SonDance Registration and Fees

At SonDance, we never want finances to be the reason a person does not dance. Please talk to Rosemary Moore if finances are an issue and we will try to work out a way for your student to dance with us!!! If you receive financial assistance from SonDance, we ask that you complete the Volunteer Program Application to agree to volunteer in various ways throughout the year. The completed form (below) should accompany your other registration materials.

Fees for 2019-20 


30 Minutes: $38/month

45 Minutes: $44/month

1 hour: $46/month

Family Cap: 4 classes (the 4 highest cost classes)*

Costume Costs: Hip Hop Classes: $70  All other Classes: $64

Registration per family: $20 one time fee

*For families with multiple dancers or for dancers who take more than 4 classes, we offer a Family Cap rate. This means that your entire family may take as many classes as they would like (or a dancer may take more than four classes) and the price for all of those classes for the entire family will be no more than the cost of four classes (the 4 highest cost classes). That means after you pay for 4 classes, the entire family (or a dancer) may take an unlimited amount of classes. Family Cap families please submit a Volunteer Program Application along with your Registration Form in order to qualify to receive the monthly Family Cap tuition rate on an ongoing basis. Eligibility to receive and continue to receive the monthly Family Cap tuition rate is based on a family’s ongoing volunteer service at SonDance. 

Form of Payment:

For the 2019-20 season, all payments must be made by ACH debit. If you register using paper enrollment forms, please complete the ACH Debit form unless we already have a current ACH form on file with us. If you are registering via our on line portal, after registration, you will receive an email note with the ACH form that must be submitted to the studio on or before September 10 unless we have a current ACH form on file at which point we will debit your account for September charges. 

For those families who do not participate in the ACH program, a $15 per month fee will be added to your total tuition to offset the cost of additional bookkeeping services. 


This year, we are suggesting advance registration due to the tremendous interest in SonDance classes. There are three ways to register: Call in registration, paper forms or our secure on line registration portal. 

1)  Call (207) 604-0647 for more information. 

2) Paper Registration: Print and i) drop off the Registration Form, Release Form, Volunteer Program Application (for Family Cap families or scholarship families) and ACH Authorization Form with $20 registration fee (per family) to SonDance, 2700 Post Road, Wells, Maine 04090 or i) scan and email those forms to sondance@messiahchristianchurch.org.

3) Go to our On Line Registration Portal:


1.       Click link

2.       IF ALREADY REGISTERED WITH SONDANCE LAST YEAR-Click "Forgot Password” and set up new account

3.       Follow prompts and continue registration!

4.       Total balance when checking out in the system will be for September charges and WILL INCLUDE $20 REGISTRATION FEE+$10 NATIVITY FEE PER CLASS, IF APPLICABLE. Spring costume charges will be added in October and November.

You will receive an email confirming your registration with a few important details!

Here is the link to view to all the classes, if you would like to see those before you enroll. 



4) Payments will be made via ACH debit.  If you have a current and existing ACH account with us then we will debit that account and you do not need to complete a new ACH form.  However, if your ACH information has changed or you are a new customer, please fill out the attached ACH form and return it to the studio on or before September 10.

Classes begin on Monday, September 9th   

Release Form-Youth   

Release Form-Adult   

Registration Form

Volunteer Program Application


ACH Authorization Form

For info call (207) 985-9287